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  3. world cup in theater gif

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    worth every second

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  6. cah:

    Jenn and Trin take matters into their own hands. 

    The printer fucked with us for the last time.

  7. Yoncé > Yancey. Sorry Yancey.

  8. Clean Bandit - Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)

  9. personalized thank you video from the ride-along kickstarter project. incredibly cute. delightfully awkward. I LOVE YOU JOSE

  10. kickstarter:

    Fabric swatches from Tomboy Tailors. Apparently all of these can be made into bowties. We <3 bowties. 



  11. have you ever wondered what period cramps feel like?

    imagine that you did 1000 sit ups the previous day. ‘but i can’t do 1000 sit ups,’ you might interject, so fine — imagine someone pointed a gun to your head and demanded that you do 1000 sit ups. cool, now you can add that psychological burden to the soreness that your abs are feeling due to having done 1000 sit ups. now rotate that pain down into your pelvic floor region and imagine someone is simultaneously shoving their hand down on the center of your hip bones, which you never realized was a place that existed / had nerve endings in the first place, as if they were trying to break them from inside you. also you are probably dehydrated and have lost a lot of blood so you feel weak and sleepy and this is why you are late to work because you spent 15 minutes tensely curled on your bed waiting for the advil to kick in before you could manage the act of sitting up.

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    Sigourney Weaver
    by Firooz Zahedi

    hungryghoast sup


    Hi Sigourney Weaver!!!!

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    "How to Assemble Your Saadness" by Kady Ruth Ashcraft.

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