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    tried 2 keep the peace

    now i keep the piece

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    While college basketball teams have been battling it out on the court, another type of tournament has been raging online. Of course, I’m referring to Mammal March Madness - a simulated combat contest created by Katie Hinde, an assistant professor of biology at Harvard.

    Basically, Mammal March Madness takes the school-yard “who would win in a fight” conversation to a much nerdier level. Hinde and her colleagues assess each animal’s abilities in a given environment and use statistical modeling software to determine the outcome of each match-up.

    Last year, a skunk bear actually made it to the tournament, but it was quickly eliminated by the honey badger (the fight was staged in the desert, so the honey badger had an unfair advantage). Luckily, the honey badger was eventually defeated, and an elephant went on to win the championship.

    This year’s contest included extinct animals and even a few non-mammals (in bold on the bracket).  A people’s champion quickly emerged - the #2-seeded Paraceratherium:

    But this long-dead, enormous, hornless rhino met a second extinction in the semi-finals.  

    Yesterday was the 2014 championship, pitting Orca versus Hyena. The randomly selected battlefield was the Hoh Rainforest in Washington State — not exactly familiar turf for either challenger.  Hyenas seem to have the advantage, but remember: orcas have been known to beach themselves to attack terrestrial prey.

    I’ll let you read the play-by-play of the battle here to learn the exciting outcome.

    Just wait till next year when Tiny Mammals and Mythical Mammals take the field! 

    At the start of the month I had high hopes of getting to see my final two fight to the death…. ANTS V. NEANDERTHAL

    It wasn’t meant to be…. 

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    Evolution tried to start a sports league once, but it turned out competitive leaf-eating just wasn’t all that interesting to watch. Nice jerseys on the saddleback caterpillars, though.

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    Our friend Jason Polan, an artist and noted Taco Bell enthusiast, sent us this report from the front lines of the battle to turn things that are not tacos into tacos.

    The box for the waffle taco said “right now I’m eating a waffle taco and you’re not” which I thought was kind of not terribly nice and possibly conceptually flawed.  If you are eating a waffle taco with someone they will see this writing upside down while they are eating, and they are probably eating a waffle taco too, right?  

    As I was walking out the door they gave me a Taco Bell travel coffee mug and said, “You can open it later,” with kind of a wink.  I opened it right when I got outside the door and it had a twenty-dollar Taco Bell gift certificate in it. Is that weird to give to “press” people?  If so, I don’t care.  I am using it and if you want a taco and you’re with me I will use it to pay for yours, too. Because I would hate to be in a situation where I was eating a waffle taco and you were not.

    Excerpted.  Click through for the whole brilliant thing.

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    Celebrating the beauty, evolution and resilience of trans women’s bodies, in the form of “showgirl” Carmen Carrera doing her thing — with the legendary Steven Meisel for W.

    There’s something majestic about seeing Carmen wield her body as the centerpiece of talent in this short film. So visible, on stage in control of her body and adoring (lustful) audience. The sexual innuendo of that champagne popping scene, though…get it gurl!

    Make sure you read Carmen’s essay as well:

    "I want to leave something behind so people can look back one day and say, “Wow, remember when transpeople were discriminated against the most? This person was like, ‘Screw everybody! I’m going to parade around half-naked and be superproud, because that’s how everyone should be!’ ”

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    what a time to be alive


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    The Duchess, by Amanda Foreman.

    Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, really wrote a real letter to her mother complaining about the feels in 1782.

    I love everything.


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  13. "This was an impressionist and lyrical film. I wanted it to have the point of view of the youth. So there’s this punk perspective, punk style to it. Jon told me an interesting anecdote. He saw punks in the seventies take suits at thrift shops, cut them up, and reassemble them. He called that style “living collage,” and I wanted to do the same."
    — Filmmaker Matt Wolfe talks to Vogue about Teenage, his new film on the idea of teenagedom throughout the years.  (via kickstarter)